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Kickoff Meeting for Pontchartrain Yacht Club Weekend Small Boat Racing Series
We would like to invite all PontYC members interested in creating a viable and sustainable weekend small boat club racing series starting this summer to a meeting on Thursday, May 23 beginning at 7 PM to discuss how to make this program work given the volunteer nature of our club. I have been tasked by the board of directors to determine if this program is feasible with potential interest levels and the assets we currently have on hand.
The meeting will be not only a presentation on how the series would be sailed but will also include a frank and open discussion regarding the realities and requirements for a program like this that include establishing a race management infrastructure, equitable fleets of club owned boats available to non-boat owner/participants that are in sailable and raceable condition for fair competition, inclusion for privately owned boats, and creating a fun, non-intimidating, and learning environment for all levels, genders, and ages. The program will allow all types of sailboats (keel and centerboard, mono- and multihull, sportboat, etc.) 22’ in length and under to participate. We also want to discuss how this program can be complimentary to the club “big boat” PHRF racing program and all PHRF sailors are urged to attend.
For this program to be successful, it will have to be a broad club wide effort that includes participation and a willingness to take ownership of the club assets we have available. The benefits are many in that it will help re-focus our membership on the basic mission of our club which is to promote sailing, help teach skills and seamanship, and create a high level of camaraderie and friendship. We hope you will consider attending.
Thank you.
Bob Hodges
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