PYC Sunday Small Boat Series #1

Results for Pontchartrain Yacht Club Sunday Series #1
6/9/13 – Wind SE 5-12 knots

Race 1
1. Tom Jarvis/Dick Jones (Lido 14)
2. Rob/Heather Doolittle (VX One)
3. Chris/Colin Friend (FS)
4. John Supan (Rhodes 19)

Race 2
1. Chris/Colin Friend
2. Adam Powell/Paul Rees (FS)
3. Tom Jarvis/Dick Jones
4. Rob/Heather Doolittle
5. John Supan

Race 3
1. Chris/Colin Friend
2. Rob/Heather Doolittle
3. Adam Powell/Paul Rees
4. John Supan
5. Tom Jarvis/Dick Jones

Race 4
1. Rob/Heather Doolittle
2. Adam Powell/Paul Rees
3. John Supan
4. Chris/Colin Friend
5. Tom Jarvis/Dick Jones

Daily Overall
1. Chris/Colin Friend (FS,)
2. Rob/Heather Doolittle (VX One)
3. Adam Powell/Paul Rees (FS)
4. Tom Jarvis/Dick Jones (Lido 14)
5. John Supan (Rhodes 19)

Summary – Nice start to our 2013 Sunday club small boat racing with five boats on the water. The weather for the day began ominously with clouds and rain in the morning but clearing skies by mid-day. A light southeasterly strengthened from 4-5 knots for race 1 to 8- 12 knots for the remaining three races. Chris and Colin Friend won the day’s overall score on the tie breaker with Rob and Heather Doolittle. Chris and Colin were sailing with two new club members on a Flying Scot that were new to sailboat racing so a fun day for them all winning the overall. The scores for the remaining three places were within 3 points of each other so a fun day of close racing.
The next Sunday series event is scheduled for June 23. The club should have 2 Flying Scots and at least one Lido 14 available for use and a couple of 420’s for qualified lighter teams. Hope to see more sailors. Please call Jamie in the club office (626-3192) if you are interested in sailing a club boat for the next date.
Bob Hodges

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