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Situated on a three acre waterfront site, Pontchartrain Yacht Club is in Mandeville’s historic Lakeshore district. The Pontchartrain Yacht Club, founded in 1967, is a member of the Gulf Yachting Association and the United States Sailing Association. The grounds offer an unobstructed view of Lake Pontchartrain. Cast off from the launch area and you are sailing in open water in less than five minutes!

Our beautiful front lawn has a children’s playground set, just outside of the swimming pool. Kickball is a favorite Sunday afternoon sport, with great views from the balcony above! The fire pit has an occasional bon fire, but is the center of attention on New Years Eve when the club couchon du lait is tended to from the early morning hours throughout the day.

We have several areas for trailer boat storage, and a hoist for lifting sailboats from the bayou.

The current clubhouse was built in 2007, thanks to the damage caused by Katrina. We host weddings, business luncheons, receptions, crawfish boils, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and even pool parties. Our inside Regatta Room and the front lawn are popular spots for any event!

Email the office: office@pontyc.org

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