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Wow! I can’t begin to tell all of you how honored I am that I not only got elected to the Board of Directors, but that I got elected to serve as your Commodore. For those of you who do not know me, I am David Bolyard. I am a sail maker and have lived and owned my own business here in old Mandeville for the past nineteen years. I have a wife, Julie and a twelve year old son, Dj. This will be my eighth year on the board. I have served through the good, the bad and the oh so ugly. We plan to make it a year of more and better communication. This club is here for you and we want to make it as enjoyable as possible.

At this time I would like to present the Board of Directors for the year 2001:

David Bolyard - Commodore

John Cramer - Vice Commodore

Tom Quinlan - Rear Commodore

Uwe Adler - House and Grounds

Janie Eshleman - Membership

Pat Brinks - Social

Eugene Wanless - Race

Pat Ross - One Design

Hew Hamilton - Junior


This year also marks the return of our junior board members. At this time, I would like to present the Junior Board of Directors for the year 2001:

Austin Grant - Commodore

Stephanie Jarvis - Vice Commodore

Emily Brinks - Rear Commodore


I would also like to mention that the finance committee that was established last year will be up and running again this year.

Many thanks go out to our out going board member and Past Commodore, Shan Kirk. His help and hard work around the club will not soon be forgotten. Speaking of past Commodores...Commodore Ed Reardon has once again out done himself. At the annual meeting he announced the donation of funds to the tune of $6000.00 to be matched by Pontchartrain Yacht Club members and fund raising events dedicated to the junior capital fund for a grand total of $12000.00. These initial funds will be dedicated to completing the club’s 420 fleet. If you would like to make a donation or have any fund raising ideas, please call the club @ 626-3192, or me at work - 626-5638 or home - 626-9117.

Make sure you check out the social calendar this month for all the upcoming events. I hope that everyone will plan on coming to the club on Saturday, December 9th for the Commodore’s Ball. It is a great opportunity to come to the club and meet your board members, see old friends and make new ones.

On a sad note, an old friend of the yacht club, Jayne Lambke, passed away this past weekend. For those of you who did not know Jayne, her father was A.J. Mann, the yacht club’s manager for many years. Jayne and her husband Phil owned a yacht brokerage here in old Mandeville and they were very instrumental in the growth and development of Pontchartrain Yacht Club in the early years. Jayne was a great sailor, a world record swimmer, even as recently as last year, and a dear friend to me. She will be greatly missed.


I would like to reiterate the fact that Pontchartrain Yacht Club is my club, your club, our club. We should all go out of our way to meet our fellow members, new and old.

See you around the club,


Tom Quinlan, Rear Commodore


We did it! Year 2000 will close as a profitable year for the club. Through October year- to-date we were in the black to the tune of $25K in net income. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: thank you finance committee, thank you Ken and Pam, and thank you Commodore Cramer for doing all of the things it took to make this year a success. You made my job easy, so easy that I’m ready and willing to do it again next year.


Some highlights: Bar profits are up by over $10K. On the strength of an outstanding summer sailing camp and some very profitable fun regattas (thank you, Ed Reardon), overall revenue from sailing activities is up about $9K. By year end, the Renewal Fund will have an additional $5K to go toward a new roof for the club. The juniors have a new 420 and the club boats are in the best shape they have been in years. All good reasons to be optimistic about next year.


MEMBERSHIP – Jane Eshleman


The holiday season is here and it's a great time to invite friends to the club for a cup (or two) of good cheer! We have already received some gifts in the form of new members, whose applications were approved at the November board meeting. Joining us for Christmas this year are the following:



Please welcome them to the club, keep up the good work, and have a great holiday season!

Janie Eshleman

Race - Pat Ross


Congratulations goes to Caron & Steven Choate and the crew of The Bear - First place in Class E in the LPRC. Great job crew. Speaking of The Bear at the annual meeting they won The PYC Spinnaker boat of the year and the Battle of Lake Pontchartrain Trophy for the best boat in spinnaker for the LPRC. Voodoo Child with Tom Quinlan and crew took top honors of Non-spinnaker boat of the year. Grand Cru with Rick and Sharon Tyra won the Commodores Cup for the top PYC non-spinnaker boat in the LPRC. Rick and Sharon were not at the club to pick up their award because they were just married in Birmingham.

Congrats guys!


Congratulations to everyone on this list. We have a great group of sailors at PYC and you all deserve it. With my first year on the board over I would like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. I could not have done my job without all of you who helped on and off the water.

Thanks and I will see you on the water,


ONE DESIGN BY gene Wanless


Pontchartrain Yacht Club Scots Took 3rd and 7th at Jubilee regatta in Pensacola . We had a 15-boat fleet with the races being sailed in very light air. Bug Bear, Skippered by Dave Bolyard, with D.J. Bolyard and Gene Wanless as crew Took 3rd. The women’s team Caron Choate, Julie Bolyard and Leigh Wanless Sailed the Regatta Scot to a 7th . The next Scot regatta will be Sugar bowl in New Orleans. We only have one boat going at this time, If you would like to take a boat call Hew Hamilton or me.


In other news Dave Bolyard, our new Commodore, has asked me to serve as race chairman next year. Pat Ross will be the one design and dry storage Chairman. Pat And I will be working together to keep sailing fun and exciting at P.Y.C.

See you next month!












Juniors Hew Hamilton

I would like to thank all of you who voted for me in the recent board elections. I will be taking Dave Bolyard's place with the Junior program here at PYC, and I have to say that he has gotten the program on a roll. The juniors have formed a Junior Yacht Club, nominated officers, presented their platforms and held elections. Congratulations to Austin Grant for being elected Commodore, Stephanie Jarvis as Vice Commodore, and Emily Brinks as Rear Commodore. They already have ideas for raising money, and surprise-surprise, ways to spend it! Please give them your support and encouragement on their projects. To get your junior involved, contact one of the officers.


On the sailing front, former Commodore Ed Reardon has been hard at work soliciting matching funds for the Juniors, stay tuned to next months Chart for the list of supporters. These along with moneys raised from Fun Regattas, LPRC Junior donations, and personal donations earmarked for the junior program have allowed us to purchase two new Vanguard 420's. These additions will allow us to bring three "No Excuses" boats to regattas. The next outing for these boats is a racing clinic being held at SYC on Dec 9th & 10th. The kids will be able to soak up some sailing experience from international 470 sailors and the USA Olympic 49er coach Luther Carpenter. If you know a junior that is interested and hasn't signed up yet, have them call me (626-0028).

CATS, CATS, CATS….we need your help!


No the Broadway musical is not coming to PYC. Some of the members have brought the increased cat population at PYC to the Board’s attention. Although it is "stylish" for a yacht club to have a cat (or two), we had a stray that delivered 4 kittens this past summer, and they have since found a home at the club. We have a lot of members of the club that are animal lovers and I think we will all agree that we would like to find good homes for them instead of taking them to the local shelter where they will more than likely be put down. We are making an effort to reduce the population (back) down to 2 or 3 (without harming them in anyway!) by posting their pictures at many of the local vets, and by word of mouth. The females are still a little skittish but Ken and Pam are working to make them comfortable around people. The females have been spayed (at not cost to the club) and have their shots. If anyone is interested in helping out or adopting one (or two) they’d make a great Christmas gift, please contact Pam or Ken at the club.



Once again PYC has received many compliments for hosting a GREAT LPRC PARTY. Thanks to all of the volunteers who came out and pitched in to make this a fun event. My special thanks to Peggy Gele for taking over the helm and seeing this event through from start to finish. Peggy, you're the BEST when it comes to this accounting THING for what needs to be accounted for!! Of course, I am always indebted and gratefully to The Burger Babes & King & The Princes. In the midst of everything going on for LPRC, while so many of you were busy with sailing, The Burger Babes & King ceremoniously inducted Nancy Wyllie as a BONAFIDE BURGER BABE!! I wish all of you could have been there!!! The presentation of THE OFFICIAL BURGER BABES' APRON, THE ROSES, THE CHAMPAGNE TOAST, and Nancy taking her induction walk along the poolside------WHAT A SIGHT----WHAT A SPECIAL MOMENT!!!!! Welcome Aboard, Nancy?!!!!


Well, the holidays are officially upon us. So, that means Barbie Adler has been busy at the club using her magical touch to make PYC look festive for the holiday season. Thanks Barbie for another spectacular job, and a special thanks to Uwe for finding such a beautiful tree and decorating it.


Here's What's Up in December:


Dinner served 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. with music by "Mainstreet" from 9:00 to 1:00 a.m.

Volunteers are needed to sign in people from 7:30 until 9:30. Sign up sheet in the hall

at the club!

(DON'T FORGET TO BRING A GIFT(S) TO PUT UNDER THE TREE FOR SANTA TO HAND OUT.) Please give Lynn Tucker a call to see what you can do to help out.



We are working on another attempt to have food at the club!!! Chuck Wyllie is spearheading the negotiations with the owner of Flynn's. If all goes well, this should begin sometime in January. We will have a set menu from Flynn's and on certain nights (this has not been finalized yet) you will be able to place an order from the menu at specified times and Flynn's will deliver the orders to the club. Everyone would be responsible for paying and tipping the person delivering when the orders arrive. More on this as the details are all ironed out!!!!!!

That's it for now!! Hope to see you at the Commodore's Ball. Best Wishes for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!!





DECEMBER 9, 2000


8:00--9:30 P.M.