House and Grounds Rules

Pontchartrain Yacht Club Policies


The following Club Policies are applicable to all members and members’ guests. The purpose is to aid in the orderly functioning of the club by outlining clear guidelines as to what is and is not permissible on club property. We thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with the policies and trust that you will abide by them.

The Manager and Flag Officers will update the policies as necessary. They will be posted in prominent places within the clubhouse and online for your viewing.


Comments & Concerns

All requests, suggestions and complaints shall be made in writing, dated and signed and addressed to the Board of Directors.

Hours of Operation

The club is closed on Monday but may be open for holidays at the discretion of the board and club management.

The Club hours will be posted in the front entrance and published in the Chart.

The Club is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas day and other holidays at the discretion of the board.


No personal pets permitted on Club premises, with the exception of service animals (i.e., seeing-eye dogs).


Members are liable for property damaged or removed by them from the house and grounds and are responsible for all acts committed by their children and guests.

The Club is not responsible for the loss or damage to the personal property of members, guests or visitors.

All members, guests and/or visitors enter the Club at their own risk.

Rules Posting

The House and Grounds Rules and Pool Rules will be permanently posted in prominent places in the Club House.


No smoking of any kind (cigarettes/cigars/pipes) is allowed inside of the clubhouse.

Visiting Yacht Club Members

Members of other yacht clubs shall be permitted such privileges as may be specifically accorded to members of PYC by the Clubs of which they are members. Generally such visitors will be accorded the use of the Club’s facilities following established rules. Please be aware that other yacht clubs you might visit may not offer reciprocal privileges.


With the exception of Sail Camp/Junior Program personnel and lifeguards, employees are not eligible for membership; members are not eligible for employment.

PONTYC Directory/Mailing Lists

Member information is for internal use only and will not be distributed by club management to any non-member individual, business, organization, or political entity for any reason. Personal copies of the directory and/or some mailing lists are available to members for uses related to the PONTYC activities. We respectfully request that members maintain the confidentiality of this information. Inquiries for information from outside sources should be directed to the Club Manager or the Board of Directors.

Political Campaigning

Pontchartrain Yacht Club cannot be used as a medium for political campaigning unless it is an approved rental.



PYC operates a fully stocked bar which members are encouraged to utilize. Bar hours will be posted by the entrance and any changes to bar hours due to holidays, summer hours, etc. will be communicated via e-mail, the Chart and/or signs around the bar area.

The bar and bar area is restricted for adult use only. Minors, aged 17 and under, are not allowed in the bar, and are not permitted to purchase, consume or serve alcohol, as mandated by Louisiana law.

Members are expected to consume alcohol responsibly. Bartenders and Board Members can refuse service to anyone who appears to be intoxicated.

Only PYC bartenders may serve drinks; members should not go behind the bar unless given permission by PYC staff.

Hard alcoholic beverages consumed on PYC property must be purchased from the PYC bar at the posted prices. Members may bring their own beer and wine when using the outdoor picnic areas of the club grounds for special occasions.


Members may utilize PYC grills to cook for themselves provided we are not using them for a club sponsored event or rental.

Members are responsible for cleaning up after themselves; a $50 cleaning fee will be charged otherwise. Please be mindful not to leave food (especially meat) outside as it can attract animals.


Members may utilize the club kitchen for cooking food consumed on club property, provided it is not being used for a rental or PYC event.

Members are responsible for cleaning up after themselves; a $50 cleaning charge will be applied to the member’s account otherwise. Paper products and pantry items are reserved for PYC club functions and should not be used by members for personal use.


PYC has a large in-ground pool with sunbathing areas around the perimeter for member use.

Pool rules are published as a guide to provide for the safe use of the facility. They are posted on the bulletin board, PYC web site and signage. All users and or their guardian should read and acknowledge these as a guide to safe practices.

Members may invite guests (non-family members) to use the pool; a $5.00 charge per guest will be incurred by any member with more than two guests at one time. Family members are not considered “guests” and will not be charged as such. Other standard guest policies apply. All members and guests should sign in/out of the pool log.

Members’ children over age 12 may bring 1 guest under the direct supervision of either a parent or lifeguard and with the written consent of their parent.

All members and guests choose to swim at their own risk and are responsible for any injuries to and/or death of same that might that occur, regardless of the presence or absence of a lifeguard.

For your safety, glass is not permitted in the pool area, large inflatables are not permitted in the pool and there is absolutely no diving allowed.

Children under 12 must have a parent/designated adult (18 years of age or older) directly supervising them from the pool area The club is not responsible for children ages 12-18 who may be allowed by parents/designated adults to swim when there is no lifeguard on duty. Members over the age of 18 may swim anytime they wish during club hours.

PYC may reserve an “Adult Swim Hour” periodically during which all persons under 18 will be restricted from the pool area.


PYC offers a beautiful unique waterfront setting for private affairs. If you are interested in reserving our Regatta Room, Board Room or Lawn Area, please contact the event coordinator for rental information. As a member you will receive the discount in effect at that time.


Members shall not be allowed to alter, remove, add to or in any way disturb the décor of the club except with permission of the club’s Social Chair or Club Manager.


PYC Boat Rentals

Members may rent PYC-owned boats, provided their names are on the approved list in the check-out book. To be placed on the list, individuals must be checked out by a qualified sailor that is authorized by the Board of Directors.

All boats must be properly checked out in the office, or bar during non-office hours. All sailors must provide their own PFD and present it when checking out the boat. All boats must be returned to dry storage ½ hour before the club closes or ½ hour before sunset whichever is earlier.

To cover maintenance and repair, the following fees apply:

Club 420 or Flying Scot – $15/day

Laser, Opti or Sunfish – $10/day

*No charge if racing in a regatta

**PYC owned power boats are never available for rental and are ONLY to be used for club activities such as regattas or sailing lessons.

Boat Storage

Members and non-members are eligible to store their boats in the designated storage areas, but must be approved by the club manager. Please call the office for more information on boat storage.

All boat owners using the PYC dry storage area must abide by the Boat Storage Rules which can be found on the PYC website and the boat storage agreement.



Members may enter the clubhouse at any time in informal apparel, unless the club is sponsoring a formal party. All members must wear shirts and shoes inside the clubhouse. Members/guests in bathing suits are not permitted in the clubhouse unless using the restroom, during which time a cover-up must be worn.


Members are expected to act responsibly and in the best interest of the club at all times. Physical, sexual, and verbal harassment and/or abuse of other members or club staff will not be tolerated.

No running, roughhousing or boisterous conduct will be allowed in the Club House.

No skateboards, bikes or other wheeled vehicles of any description will be permitted to be ridden on Club grounds.


Children are welcome at the club and are expected to adhere to customary manners and behavior. Parents are responsible for supervising their children at all times and assuring they respect club property and fellow members. Children under 12 years old are not allowed on club property without adult supervision (parent or guardian over 18).

Members under 18 years of age without parental supervision must leave the club and grounds at 8:00 p.m. or when the club closes, whichever is earlier.


Members may invite non-resident guests and/or significant others to the club at any time. Guests that reside locally may not be invited more than twice per month.

Guests must always be accompanied by the member. Members are responsible for their guests and all charges incurred by their guests.

Members’ children over age 12 may bring 1 guest under the direct supervision of either a parent or lifeguard and with the written consent of their parent.

Revised: Dec 1, 2017

Adopted: Dec 1, 2017


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