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The Pontchartrain Yacht Club, founded in 1967, is a member of the Gulf Yachting Association and the United States Sailing Association. Situated on a three-acre waterfront site, Pontchartrain Yacht Club is located in Mandeville’s historic lakeshore district. The grounds offer an unobstructed view of Lake Pontchartrain. Cast off from the launch area and you are sailing in open waters in less than five minutes. Although the club is dedicated to all aspects of yachting, Pontchartrain Yacht Club has a long tradition of competitive racing. The club is home to several nationally and regionally ranked sailors. The club’s sailing instruction programs introduce sailors both young and old to the pleasures of sailing. Please contact the office manager if you are interested in the junior sailing camp offered each summer. We have a diverse membership base, with the majority of members owning boats. Those that do not are encouraged to crew on other’s boats. The club also holds many social events for members to enjoy throughout the year ranging from casual grill evenings to a black tie Commodore’s Ball. The club also
hosts regional and national regattas that combine the best of sailing and socializing into one weekend. Our original club house sustained extensive damage from hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and sadly had to be torn down. We have thankfully completed the construction on our new clubhouse and enjoy breathtaking views from our elevated position. We also offer a banquet room for rental of which our members receive a discount. If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by and take a tour, or call the Pontchartrain Yacht Club at (985) 626-3192. Office hours are from 8:30 – 4:00 Tuesday through Friday.

This is for anyone who lives, works or has a boat in St. Tammany Parish. Resident members are required to purchase one share of stock, presently valued at $100.00, (if for any reason you resign from the club in good standing, this amount is reimbursed to you or applied to any remaining balance). Your stock entitles you to the right to vote and become a board member if you so desire. Full monthly membership dues.

This is for anyone not living, working or owning a boat in St. Tammany Parish. Non- resident members are not required to purchase stock. 1/2 intiation fee and 2/3 monthly membership dues.
This is for anyone ages 18- up to 26 birthday only. This membership has no right to own stock, hold office, or vote.  1/3 monthly membership dues. Upon reaching your 26th birthday, you may apply for regular membership with your original initiation fee to be applied to the new fees.


This is for

This is available for children ages 12-18 only, whose parents are not members. Juniors must have a club member sponsor them.


This membership is designed for any active member of he United States Armed Services who is based or resides within fifty miles of St. Tammany Parish. No right to vote or hold office. No initiation fee required. 1/2 of regular resident monthly dues.
Applicants must pay the initiation fee within 30 days of board approval. Failure to do so will void the application and the applicant must re-apply. Per by-laws, an applicant may only apply twice in a lifetime. A $100 deposit must be submitted with application. If approved, the deposit will go toward initiation fee. If not approved, deposit is refundable.


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