I’d like to first thank the board and all of the members who gave me their vote of confidence in serving as your Commodore. It takes us all to create the wonderful family atmosphere that we enjoy at PYC. So, I ask all who have contributed and volunteered so much to continue and those who have not yet stepped forward for whatever reason to “JUST SHOW UP”  (S. Choate, annual meeting ’04). It’s your club…ENJOY.


December was filled with many terrific social happenings. Just a few highlights: Again this year, David Schwarz organized the boat parade with 18 boats participating. Our own Suzana Williams and Ernie Prieto won best-decorated sail and power boats respectively.  Congratulations! Our mid-week meals were served up by C.C. (Curry) Troughton and Lynn (Pork Chili) Tucker. Both were outstanding.  The ladies luncheon and children’s Christmas parties were a success. We had about 25 kids to welcome Santa who arrived via Sea Shepard. Wow, 25 juniors! A special thank you is due to the volunteers and our staff that made the Commodores Ball such an elegant event. If you were not one of the 130+ people that dined, danced, and socialized, you missed a wonderful time and strongly suggest attending next year. 


To support our ever improving social calendar, Bridget and her faithful core committee of husband Tom and kids Bradley, Stephanie, and Katie are forever in need of help so please, contact her and offer your assistance. The “club” will be adding to the social calendar this year with events produced by our Activities Coordinator Allison. The first is January 21 with a Mardi Gras theme party. Many of us have wanted a regular food event so we’ll be gauging participation to justify the expense. Again…ENJOY.


An official thank you is due our hardworking, patient, and courteous staff. They want to please and ask only in return a little respect. I hope you will join us in thanking them for their efforts.


Finally, share with us all your stories, advice, or wisdom about experiences while out on the water.  Send them to me and we’ll include (edited if required) in the Chart for all. My address is










From the Vice-Commodore


I am pleased to have been elected by the board to serve as Vice-Commodore for 2005.  For the benefit of our new members, the Vice-Commodore of PYC serves as secretary for the corporation and, as such, is one of the legal agents of the club, along with the Commodore and Rear-Commodore.  Our names are on file with the Secretary of State as the three individuals who can enter into contracts on behalf of the club as well as sign checks and other legal documents, such as our liquor license and other operating licenses.  The Vice-Commodore is also responsible for updating any changes to our corporate charter and by-laws, represents the Commodore in his/her absence, and carries out any additional duties assigned by the Commodore.


The first order of business for 2005 will be the Gulf Yachting Association Winter Meeting in Pascagoula, Miss. on January 8 & 9, at the LaFont Inn.  The new officers are elected at this meeting and it is expected that our own past Commodore Janet Miller-Schmidt will be Rear-Commodore of the GYA after serving for several years as Secretary-Treasurer.  Congratulations, Janet! We know you will continue to do great things within the GYA.  The GYA Scheduling Committee will also nail down the majority of the racing events for the entire year and once this is done, PYC begins to work our own schedule of events into theirs.  Our representatives on the One-Design & Offshore Councils will be in attendance (Larry Ruthven & Huey Kliebert, respectively) as well as Louisiana Capdevielle rep. Leigh Wanless.   Our new Commodore, Jeff Bishop (as well as all of the Commodores before him) is automatically on the Board of Directors of the GYA for the duration of his term and votes on policy & procedural changes. Some of the meetings are open to any club members who wish to attend, and PYC usually has a fairly large contingent present.   The highlight of the weekend is the annual awards banquet when we will be honored as the only club in the GYA to have participated in all 14 Capdevielle events for the FOURTH consecutive year!  I’m looking forward to attending and hope to see some of you there.


Finally, the National Sailing Programs Symposium will be taking place in Miami, Fla. on

January 12-16.  U.S. Sailing & Vanguard sponsor the biennial event. For more information, visit


Janie Eshleman  



Reassurances from the Rear


As you all know, I was recently “blessed” by the Board as Rear Commodore and thus the time honored quote “…and some have greatness thrust upon them” springs to mind. I am otherwise happy to report, after reviewing our preliminary financials for 2004, the Club continues in sound shape. Verily, I would like to thank everyone who participates and therefore contributes to this soundness. In the words of the great sage and sail-king Steve "The First" Choate, "Just show up!" is our new Club motto, most worthy of living up to, in all aspects of life. Furthermore, all credit and praise to my predecessor Jeff for handling the treasury activities these past 2 years in a dedicated, professional manner. Much “burning of the midnight oil” was certainly a factor.


I take this opportunity to wish my successor Orhan, all the best in his Membership Chair and the membership in general, a wonderful Christmas, with not too much excesses, followed by a New Year of many successes and over abundant merriment, at the Club.



Kelvin                                                                          2         




Thanks to my predecessor - our esteemed Rear, the P.Y.C. membership chair’s column now ranks somewhere between Art Buchwald and Dave Barry on the nationally syndicated columnists list.


The rumor is that the Commodore had to up his salary and throw in a promotion to keep him from jumping “ship” to the Washington Post.

However, it is not only his now infamous humor and style that I fear is a difficult act to follow - but his success as the “membership chair”.


Thank you for the shoes Kelvin, but did they really have to be size 19s?


I feel there is lot to learn from my predecessor(s) look forward to feedback and advice form all concerned.


At this point, please also accept my thanks for your support. It is with your encouragement I accepted the nomination and have come this far – I consider myself very lucky to be a member of such a competent, highly motivated board and I look forward to what promises to be a delightfully interesting year.


Please also join me in extending a warm welcome to the Atkinson family. Bernard, a psychologist from Baton Rouge, spouse Mary Ann with their children Theresa (15) Margaret, Phillip and Matthew are our latest members.


I hope we will all get the chance to meet with them at the earliest opportunity

With continued wishes for health, happiness and prosperity in 2005,

Please take care, until the next visit.


Orhan Ergün







I would once again like to thank you all for the privilege of serving on the Pontchartrain Yacht Club, Board of Directors and as your House and Grounds Chairperson. As you all know our beautiful yacht club is a handful as far as the facility goes and physically requires a vigilant House and Grounds Chairperson and committee staff. I am working with the past committee and club staff to assess the current physical status of the club and will be looking to sign on committee members to assist me in maintaining and improving Pontchartrain Yacht Club for the current members and generations to come. If you feel you would like to help by being a committee member, or an on-call volunteer please feel free to call, or e-mail me at the information listed below.


Thank you again for you support.

Dennis J. Ledet Sr.

HP# 985-645-8963, e-mail



Junior report:

We have just come off a very good year for our Junior Program at PYC.  Our Summer Sailing Camp was a spectacular success and we are gearing up to make next year’s camp even better. Our Juniors also brought home the coveted Junior Lipton Cup Regatta Trophy, and we will be hosting the regatta in 2005.

Another one of our junior member’s Kristopher Wild (8) skippered his Flying Scot to finish 3rd place in the sugar Bowl Regatta in the Open Class Fleet.-Way to go Kristopher!

 I would like to invite anyone interested in serving on a committee to assist in the preparation for the 2005 summer camp to call or email me.  Sometime in January we will have a preliminary meeting to begin discussions of how all of us can work together to have a great camp for our kids.

While there is a separate committee being set up to handle the Jr. Lipton Cup Regatta, I think it is important to organize a framework for our Juniors to train for the competition so that we can put forth the best team possible for PYC.  Anyone with ideas on how to accomplish this, or would like assist in our training program, I would ask to contact me as soon as possible.

On another note, there has been some talk about putting together a PYC band to jam and possibly provide entertainment at social events at the club, or wherever.  Anyone who plays an instrument, or who thinks they can sing, would be welcome to jam with us.  Again, please give me a call if you are interested.

Congratulations to our Juniors for a great year, and I’m sure that we will all “just show up” to assist them and PYC in having another great year.

Jay Conner

(504) 669-6675







Well, we certainly started the new Capdevielle season off with a bang!  DJ Bolyard, Billy Ross & Kurt Adler placed second in the Sugar Bowl Race of Champions despite VERY shifty wind conditions!  Congratulations guys! 


Next up on the Capdevielle schedule is Mardi Gras Regatta, February 26th & 27th  at NOYC- Make plans now to bring out a Scot or other One Design boat and JUST SHOW UP!!!


I am in the process of forming a One Design committee in the hopes of improving our participation in OD events around the GYA and will be asking you to volunteer – get ready!


Happy Holidays & See you on the water,


Leigh Wanless



RACE -----------RACE------------------RACE


“Yachtin’ is a gintleman’s sport, an’ in daling with gintlemen ye can’t be too careful.” – “Mr. Dooley” [Finley Peter Dunne]


This being my first article for the Chart, I would like to thank the membership for electing me to the Board.  Thanks to all the members who have offered to help out this year, and given suggestions, you will be called upon!


First some race results:

Sugar Bowl PHRF Regatta & Sugar Bowl Race of Champions

Saturday 18 December and Sunday 19 December


PYC was well represented at the two regattas. Aqua Vite: Hans Albert and crew, Outtareach: David Bolyard and crew and Nobody’s Girl: Scott Baker with the Bear crew for the PHRF and David Bolyard, Jr., Billy Ross and Kurt Adler for the Race of Champions.


PHRF ran two races on Saturday and one on Sunday, with Aqua Vite opting out of Sunday’s race, Outtareach finished second overall and Nobody’s Girl placed third.

Because DJ Bolyard, Billy Ross and Kurt Adler were Lipton Cup winners this year they were chosen to represent PYC at the Race of Champions, which is sailed in Flying Scots.  Did you know that DJ is the youngest skipper to win a Lipton Cup Race?

Due to very light air on Saturday only two races were completed.  Sunday’s racers had more breeze but it was cold.  The PYC crew placed second overall. 



I do not have a race schedule yet; look at your PYC events emails for updates. Please remember, “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for” [William Shedd].  Come out and race your “ship”, watch others race theirs, help with races, join races, have fun.




We have a lot going on the next two months so be sure to check those weekly emails and the January calendar enclosed in this month’s newsletter! – Don’t forget to mark Super Bowl Sunday- Annual Road Kill party- February 6, 2005!  As always thanks for your support and help.


Helping Hand Christmas Drive:


I wish to thank everyone for their generous donations to the helping hands projects Christmas drive.


We were able to buy toys and games for over ten children with the collected funds and received presents for fifteen children in our box!  The many presents will be sent for distribution in a small community north of Pensacola still suffering the remnants of these years’ storms.


Charlotte Ergun                                                              5


Volunteers needed

To come in, kick back, put your feet up and be catered to!



Calling All Sailors!


Since we didn’t bring in the New Year together,

Let’s kick off the Mardi Gras Season as a group!


Friday, January 21, 2005

6:00PM – 10:00PM

Hors d’oeuvre served from 6pm-7pm

Dinner served @ 7pm with music and dancing to follow



Deadline to sign up (a must) for this event is Tuesday, 1/18/05 by 10AM!


Meatballs Marinara
Slow cooked in a delicious light Red Gravy


Stuffed Mushrooms
Mushrooms stuffed with Andouille Sausage, Roasted Pecans, and

Jalapeno Cornbread Dressing & topped with Parmesan Cheese


Mixed Greens
Tossed with Vegetables and served with Assorted Dressings
Chicken Andouille Gumbo
Fresh Chicken & Andouille Sausage delicately simmered in our

New Orleans Style Roux Gumbo served with Rice

Red Beans & Rice
One of Louisiana's best-known contributions to American Regional Cuisine

Red Kidney Beans, Ham, Smoked Sausage, Onions and Creole Seasonings is

slowly simmered until tender and flavorful enough to create its own thick gravy
Crawfish Pasta
Louisiana Crawfish tails simmered in a Tomato Cream Sauce with

sautéed Vegetables on top of Bow Tie Pasta

New Orleans Style King Cake
Delicious Cinnamon Dough, topped with icing, and sprinkled with

purple, green, and gold colored sugar